Lab Session Booking Guidelines

Lab session bookings will be available 1-week in advance on Thursdays at 0830. To book your lab sessions for next week:
· You will need your password that was emailed to you.
· Navigate to
· Log in with your emailaddress and password.
· Start booking lab sessions.

Some rules:

· For each group, you can book up to 1 lab session per day, 5 lab sessions per week.
· You can cancel booked lab sessions up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time; 24 hours before each lab session, you are locked in and must show up.
· If you do not book enough lab sessions, you will be marked as absent.
· The entire team must show up to all booked lab sessions; missing individuals will be marked as absent.
· You can only show up for labs that you are booked into. If you show up at a lab session you did not book, you will be sent away - even if it is just an oversight on your part.
If you have any problems or questions, please email

You can register starting Thursdays 8:30a.m. for the following week's labs.

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